Rebecca is my grown daughter and a very good artist. she has only done a couple of carvings, but they were both very good.
Here is a series of photos showing her work to make a panda bear for a good friend of hers. She did all the research and
design work as well as all the processes to make this impressive carving. I was good with advice- but it is all hers. What a
kid! Jan '07
Tim has been coming to my studio for the past few months to work on his Plover. He has been a great student and I
think his bird came out very well. He did everything himself from cutting out the blank from tupelo wood using the
band saw, to power carving the form, woodburning the details and applying the paint. I can't wait to see what he
comes up with next.
I made one too, so he could have something to follow. It is on the
'Sculptures of Birds' page.  4/2007