This band saw box is hinged
and remains textured from the
gouges used to carve the shell.  
Mahogany, 6" x 5" x 4"
One of the projects in the book,
Sea Shell Box, is similar to this
This is my first band saw box, made in 1998.  It was this design that
got me started.  I wanted one of the boxes and the best way to get
one seemed to be to learn how to make it.  I saw it when a fellow
taught band saw box making at the store.  I failed to get a second
box out of the Lacewood. 4" x 2" x 2" this design, Nested Oval
Boxes, or Earth Boxes, is also a project in the book. Click on the
gift boxes for some simple directions and plan for these boxes.
The Dozing Duck Box is not a hard project and I've make
quite a few of them for gifts and to sell. The design came from
a book on band saw boxes by Tom Crabb.   7"  x 3"
One of the things I like best about bandsaw
boxes is that they are not limited to regular,
geometric forms.  There is no need for
square corners, and one can make virtually
any shape.  This box has a hidden, magnetic
latch, 5 mm brass barrel hinges, and a tooled
finish on Basswood.  5" x 2.5" A variation on
this Celtic Knot Box is also in the book.
Armadillo Box in Butternut, 9" long.  Based on the plans for the "Duckie
Box", this box was modified into the form of an armadillo.  The book
had a Psychedelic Snail Box that is easier to make, but it was cut in
editing. It is available as a single download on the book page.
Star Box can be carved
like this if you have a
sharp chisel, and the
included step-by-step
instructions. You can
also make it without the
carving for an easier
Yin Yang Boxes are pivoting hinge
boxes. Learn how to line up and
drill the holes for the lids with
absolute accuracy- every time.
This was one of the first of my
band saw box designs.
Teachers' Pet Box
is a puzzle that is
easy to solve.
With proper
angled cutting it
isn't difficult to get
an apple-shaped
Double-Cross Box is an unusual shape
for a band saw box. You learn how to
make straight inlays using the band saw,
and how to make a tray from the core and
fit it to make a second storage layer in
the box.
Flower Box has an
appliqued design using
different hardwoods. The
scalloped edges are made
using a 2x4 jig that takes
one minute to make.
This Hidden Hinge Box
is different in overall
design from the one in
the book, but
construction is the same.
This was the prototype
for the Ultimate Box
that is shown on the
cover of the book, and
is detailed inside on
the last project.
Here is a new idea for band saw boxes. A fellow on the bandsawboxes group shared his designs
for some tiny, wearable boxes. This is my first attempt and it isn't as good as I'd like it to be, but the
wood makes up for any defects. This is Box Elder, a form of soft maple. The coloration is all natural-
and it is gorgeous. This design is almost identical to the Hidden Hinge box below, but the scale is
extreme at just 1.75" long. You could wear it as a necklace and keep some small medications in it,
or a lock of your loved one's hair, or whatever.
Click on the gift boxes for free
instructions for making these simple