These lace bobbins are made out of
Pink Ivory and Bloodwood.  I learned how
to make these in a class at Woodcraft
with Judy Williams.  4", 2000
This kaleidoscope is a
turning/carving out of
maple.  I had to use power
to carve it.  4"
This Red Oak Heart
Footstool is a design
I developed
specifically for the
Woodcraft store to
introduce women to
the use of woodshop
power tools. 1999
Pens are fun and easy to make using just a
small lathe.  I designed these boxwood pens to
act as a canvas for my drawings, then
woodburned them and, in the case of the
Dragonfly Pen, painted them.  The Lizard Pen
is not painted, just shaded with the
Cutting Board/Serving Trays are a nice,
easy project for beginning woodworkers.  I
taught many women how to make these
boards and how to use 12 different power
tools in the process in classes at the Austin
Texas Woodcraft Store and in different
locations in the US. This is the Kitty Cutting
Board in walnut, figured maple and padauk.
This pine chest was a
school fund-raising project.
The children signed their
names and I woodburned
them and the school crest
into the purchased trunk
wood and then finished it.
A customer at the store had two
Jaguar cars and he wanted me to
make him a unique business card
holder that incorporated a gold
plated hood ornament. I carved a
crag out of a piece of padauk wood
and made a base out of ebony and
then trimmed the card holder with
This was a fun project that I did with
my brother, Mike. We each made a
working wooden lock using nine
different, exotic woods. The hasp
was carved out of birds-eye maple,
the key is purple-heart, and the lock
has zircote, yellowheart, redheart,
cocobolo, and ask. How cool is that!
This 10" peppermill
is another
collaborative effort
with me and my
brother Mike. We
laminated maple
and purpleheart and
then turned it on a
lathe. 2005
Wood Turnings: items made with a lathe.
Odd and Ends of various woodworking
These hairsticks
were another fun
turning project.
On the left is a
carved twist in
native mesquite;
on the right is a
hairstick in an
antique pattern.
These tea light holders and votive
candleholders were made from
native cedar; scraps from local
timberframing construction. The
lacquer finish took a lot of work to
get just right. The holes in the
bottom holders let the light shine
through as the candle burns down-
nice. 2004
The 6 Butterfly Box was started in a class with Sue
Willianson, at the Spring 2000 meeting of the TWG in
Fredricksburg.  Where is the sixth butterfly?  Inside the cover!
8" x 6" x 2.5"
The box was manufactured, but I made some major
modifications to it by lining the edges of the sides with
padauk, making a hidden magnetic closure, and adding a
padauk accent to the front.
This woodburned box was started in a class
with Shirley Bandor, again at one of the TWG
classes.  There is slight coloring on the
poppies and leaves.  Flocked interior.  5" x 4"
x 2"
The box was manufactured.
This Prayer Card Box was designed  for
an elderly lady to carry her prayer cards in
her purse to have at church.  Tiny hinges
and a magnetic latching mechanism
complement the exotic hardwoods used
in it's construction.
These two harps were made from wood I had on hand in my
The Rainbow Harp, in walnut on the left, was made following
plans purchased from harpkit.com. I followed the plans
carefully, but still managed to make some unplanned 'design
variations. The harp was made in 2007 and sold in 2010.
The harp in cherry on the right is the Dragonfly Harp and I
made it in 2011. It is similar to the Rainbow harp but with the
angle tilted and a stand integral to the design so that it is
free-standing and does not have to be tilted to the player.
Links to detailed blogs about each of these harps are
located on the homepage.
These two items, the rolling pin and
the bowl, were turned in a class with
Tim Yoder. 2012
Turned in 2012 this is
my latest turning. It
was made using the
'inside-out' technique. I
used different exotic
hard woods from my
pen turning blank
These boxes were made to hold the ashes
of a family friend, and her sister. They both
died recently of breast cancer.
The husband requested boxes 15" x 15" and
11" tall, out of local cedar wood.
I made box joints with slightly exposed
edges, and rabbeted in the tops and
bottoms. The tops are attached with solid
brass screws.
The boxes were filled with items special to
the persons interred, and the tops were
decorated with pertinent information as well
as some attractive designs.
This was a sad project, but nice as a way to
honor these two women. 2012